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    Great informative post!


    Great informative post!

    Postaj by Othestyh on 02.08.11 13:41

    Hello. Here is the process I went through:1.) I used PGCedit with the PSL2plugin and used the wizard to go ahead and fire up DVDdecrypter. You don't have to use the wizard but I just felt like it this time. Some settings I made in DVDDecrypter: Turned on logging and changed my CSS settings to "Brute Force -> I/O Key Exchange"2.) When errors occured while ripping I just hit abort and let it keep going. After everything was done I let PGCEdit generate a PSL file. I then deleted my previous rip and started PGCEdit again and ran the PSL2 plugin wizard.3.)Before I started the rip I loaded the PSL file I generated earlier. Everything then ripped fine. I let the wizard keep processing everything. I had an error with an IFO file.4.) I opened up this IFO in IFOEdit and did a Mock Strip then copied the fixed files into my rip directory making sure to overwrite the old files.5.) Opened up PGCEdit again and ran the PSL2 plugin wizard and chose the option of cleaning up the rip. It processed everything and cleaned up some dummy files.6.) After that I loaded up DVDShrink and prceeded to burn.Everything seems to be fine with the burn. It plays correctly. This was the same process I used on When A Stranger Calls.Some people are a lot like slinkies. They aren't really good for anything but you can't help laughing when one tumbles down the stairs.

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